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Top trending stories based on comments


Thank you for your wonderful plugin. i am customizing your plugin in my website, which have more than 10000 visitors at real time and nearly 1,00,000 visitors a day. A popular news site from kerala.

I need to list top trending news based on comments number.

Based on comments number i need to list news below comment section. Is it possible. if so please advise me?

Have a look at the Extractor module below. It can list the most trending pages based on viewers ('Viewed Pages'). If you want it based on comments then you could use the 'Posted Pages'. This is the most posted pages of all time though, so to get trending ones you would need to modify it slightly.

Have you completed the interview?

is this a premium plugin? when i try to checkout this item this shows 0 price in cart. what amount we need to pay for this??

The price is $0.00, meaning it's free.

Have you completed the interview?

Thank you steven.

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