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Where are the translations?

faq says:"Commentics already comes included with several translations"
Where are the all, specially the german ones, which where updated several times accouding to the patchnotes.
i don`t see them either in download package nor in my installation.

Hi Chris,

There were 13 translations (including German) in Commentics v2.5. However with Commentics v3.x these haven't been updated yet so we only have Polish and Spanish at the moment.

Have you completed the interview?

Thx for the reply, I`m glad you are still active hereSmile
Yes I saw the old translation files here in the forum and tried to implement in v3.2 but get "Access Denied"
I guess because of changed file structure and other changes there. "error" comes from:
'if (!defined("IN_COMMENTICS")) { die("Access Denied."); }'
found in:

but dont mind, if needed we will make the translations from scratch and share.

Im evaluating which comment system to use these days and so commentics would be my favourite up to now.
+all needed features plus more
+ better backend than most of cms I saw.
+ good documentation + clean coding/error reporting as far as I can say.

- bit heavy (more then 1200 files, what is more than most of our content sites have - we just got rid of our cms last year because of maintenance requirements)
- translations to make (a lot of user failures covered, which is really great, but not for translating to at least two languages)
- no multisite (where Im not sure why, when using a db anyway)
- not so widely used in the net as it would deserve

good idea with the interview btw. will do it soonSmile

Yes the file structure changed significantly in v3.0. That would be great if you were to share your translation once it's complete.

There's a new release of Commentics scheduled for the 24th of this month so you might want to wait just to make things easier. If not, it will be quite simple to upgrade so it's up to you.

Have you completed the interview?

24. ok good, thx you told  me.
Will do a fresh local install and make the translation (just german atm.) after the release then.

Well, then I can wait and see what happens.

The first thing that dies in the war is the truth!

Was waiting for the promised new version today, to make the german translation for final check of commentics.
Interesting changes with version 3.3 now... Huh

great new site, but changed from open source to commercial...
I lost my forum support from today on ?(no forum support in the free version, not even use any atm.)
I`d have to pay 99,99 for my planned multiple domains usage ? Is it really one installation for multiple domains then?
I was going to make the translations (German and maybe Russian) and place some donation for the case of commercial use of commentics,
in this new situation I`m waiting for statement, Steven!

Hi Chris,

I'm glad you like the new site! It took at least a few months to build. It's still a free, open-source project and I'm happy to continue to provide forum support when I have the time. With a licence it's just a more guaranteed way. As you're an existing user, if you submit a translation I will switch your Plus licence to an Ultra licence for you. The reason behind this change is because while people do make donations, it's often not enough to cover even my annual hosting cost so I have effectively paid for all the time I've given over the last 8 or 9 years. With this new system people can still use the script for absolutely free but it should also help ensure the longevity of the project.

Have you completed the interview?

Sounds great, deal!
That means I can just download the "basic" (nothing else I can access) and translate it or are there any differences in the versions?

Great! There are no differences in the versions. They're all the same.

Have you completed the interview?

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