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Easy way to remove fields such as Website, Town, Country

The users on my site won't need that info. I saw in the Admin panel under Layout -> Comments that I could uncheck the boxes. Where do I edit the code in the pages to remove those fields, if possible?

Also, can I remove the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy policy checkmarks?

Yes, go to layout->comments->enabled and uncheck those boxes that you don't need.

I'm giving you three guesses...

Does unchecking them in the administrator remove them from view on the comment page? If not, what file do I need to edit to remove those fields? I'd like to have a very simple looking comment section. Thanks

Yes, it does remove them from the comment page.

I'm giving you three guesses...

They are still on my page. Perhaps it's related to one of the other issues I'm having.

Please try checking the permissions, and then post back in that thread. Too many threads all over the place is hard to keep track of.

I'm giving you three guesses...

The settings in Layout -> Comments -> Enabled only control what parts of the comments are enabled.

To control what parts of the form are enabled, you need to go to Layout -> Form -> Enabled.

Have you completed the interview?

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