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3.4 -> 4.0


After upgrade, Approval doesn't work. All comments are posting without approving by me.
What could be the possible reasons?

Thank you for helping.

Even comments that includes External Link is also adding without approval.

Hi Tim,

1. Are these comments posted by yourself or other people?
2. What are your settings in 'Settings -> Approval'?
3. If you edit the comment, is there anything in the Notes field?

Feel free to PM me your admin login / FTP details if you want me to take a closer look.

Have you completed the interview?

Hello again.

1. By myself. I was testing the whole script, after I've upgraded it.
2. All fine. Everything setted to Approve.
3. Nothing. Edited one of the message. Looks like everything is all right.

Try in a different browser so that you're not logged into your admin area when posting.

Have you completed the interview?

PM to you with admin detail.

Abort !!!
All works fine in a different browser.

Sorry for disturbing you.
Upgrade was successfull.

Excellent that's good to hear.

Have you completed the interview?

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