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Moving on from 2.5

Hello again!

We have moved on and a decision was made to host the site on the new hosting, so that means I've set up Joomla on my hosting platform, to be under the current live domain (, but the domain dns is not yet pointing to the new hosting.

I've set commentics up and admin is working okay. I set the system settings to use the domain,, and set Joomla to integrate using iframe, but that isn't working. Error:

Error: No site found with the domain ''

So question, how can I get commentics to work when it's not yet live with the domain? Can I maybe use the IP address followed by the actual path for my hosting? If that makes sense!

Thank you as always
Best regards

Oh, Panic Over. I've got it working. I needed to add site under manage sites.
But I lost my comments again.
Just trying to figure that one out...

So I'm trying to edit the page url under Pages to match the new url of the site, but it won't accept the change because the unique identifier already exists.

I guess that's because I still have the previous site details under Sites. But if I go to delete that, it says it will delete all the comments.

I think I didn't encounter these problems before because I ran the install script. This time I have just transferred the files and database across.

OK, so I changed the identifier for the page, and then was able to change the URL for it. Then I updated my template to load the new identifier.

All looks OK in the page settings, but the comments are not loading. It is showing 47 comments in the page settings.

Success! I have it working:

I moved Joomla site to a live domain, still not sure whether it was the DNS causing issues or whether my brain was just fried yesterday. Initially didn't work at all, was worse than before. So I went back to PHP integration rather than iframe. I installed a Joomla plugin to facilitate inserting PHP into the article and all appears OK now.

So I just have to address the styling.

Thanks again
Jennie x

Damn spoke too soon. Form not working now grrrr!
So now I have one version of the site, form works but comments not loaded
And another version, comments loaded, but form doesn't work
Perhaps I will wake up and find it's all been a dream!

Got it, was jquery issue. phew!

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