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help with reference and identifier

I am trying to call a variable to use to identify the pages

so if the article is pandemic depression the topic is  pandemic depression

calling a variable works fine in the code for the iframe code as shown

var commentics_config = {
'identifier': '<?php echo $topic ?>',
'reference': '<?php echo $topic ?>'

 but no for the php? code

$cmtx_identifier = '<?php echo $topic ?>' ;

$cmtx_reference = '<?php echo $topic ?>' ;

instead of showing the variable results the page topic shows the php echo statement

What is the proper syntax / code for the php code above to accept and display the variable content and not the php code?

thank you


Just this:

PHP Code:
$cmtx_identifier $topic;
$cmtx_reference $topic

You'll need to correct the reference in the admin area in Manage -> Pages by editing the page.

Have you completed the interview?

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