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config file read only

The config file is writable. For security it must be read-only.

Which directory is this file located?  I want to make the suggested change ASAP

Thank you

If you go to Reports -> Permissions it tells you there.

It's in the root of the Commentics installation, at the same level as the '3rdparty' and 'system' folders.

Have you completed the interview?

I'm really thinking there's a glitch inside of Commentics v4.2 somewhere!... BECAUSE my config file

[Image: 3.png]

property is ONLY set to 400 (owner read only) AND IT STILL SHOWS

[Image: 4.png]

in the admin panel.  WTH??

Maybe 400 is too restrictive for it to even check the file permissions properly? 444 is usually more appropriate. Also sometimes these kind of things are due to how the hosting configuration is set up rather than a fault with the script. That's why I added a setting called 'Check Config' in 'Settings -> Security' to disable the check. Essentially the script is just using PHP's built-in is_writable() function. If that's returning true for non-writable files, it's either a bug with PHP or the hosting environment. So I'd try 444, talk to your host if you like, or if you're confident that it's read-only you can just disable the check.

Have you completed the interview?

Well, I set it to 444 and that didn't work either!  Now what?

I disabled the Check Config:   Confused

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