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BB Code

Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but BB Code is new to me...   Is it possible to have the BB Code display in the message form field as the output as it is being written?  (For example... When I click the smiley face I see Confusedmile: in the form, until the messages posts at which point I see a smiley face.  Is it possible to see the smiley face as the user is typing the message, like happens in this forum when I click a smiley face Wink  or change to bold font.)


Thanks for the suggestion. It's quite a lot of work so I'll add it to the roadmap and then it will depend on people voting for it.

Have you completed the interview?

Okay, thanks. I think my users might be confused by seeing the code in their comment--not knowing how bb code works-- so I might just disable most of the BB Code to keep things simple.

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