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Checking Errors


the comment script worked fine by testing. A few days later it doesn't work now. When I post I see the alert "Please check the errors below" but I can't see any error-log.

What can I do to see the errors?

Thankx, Toeb

Are there rules for the identifier? I use a token with 50 letters.

You're probably supplying an invalid name or email address but the field isn't visible to show the error underneath it. You'll need to open your web browser's "dev tools" and inspect the ajax response to know for sure. Or provide a link to your page for me to check.

Have you completed the interview?

Thanks for help.

The adress is Layout is designed for mobile-view at now, but larger view also works.
You can login with and password "guest1"

I created this account only for you and I will delete it after we solved this problem.
Here for example:

PHP Code:
$cmtx_name    $nick; -----------------> Guest
$user_email; ----------->
$cmtx_identifier $com_id; ------------> for example bK1mqOjGlpMWORPK7NrUWAgtjwc1EjliEZu6J3lvqX4vjUve

The error message is "The email is associated with another user". This means that you already have a user with the email address but they posted using a different name. An email address can only be used by one person.

Have you completed the interview?

I see it. I had used a wrong variable for the nickname.  Big Grin

Thanks for your help.

I payed for the license now.  Big Grin

Powered by vanished....

But I want to share the script:

Hi Toeb thanks for purchasing a licence and wanting to share the script. To display the Powered By statement you need to go to 'Settings -> Layout -> Form' and enable it there.

Have you completed the interview?

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