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version 2.5

I have an old version 2.5
Now I'm moving to a new server.
How can I get the original 2.5 download to reinstall?
Also, if I reinstall and then import my backup, everything should work as before, correct?
Thank you

You can download Commentics v2.5 on the changelog page:

Yes if you're copying your database from an existing v2.5 to a new v2.5 then everything should work as before.

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Thank you -
well I gave that a try - installed v2.5, but after I imported the database I get this message on the admin panel.
"The referrer has external origin. You have arrived at this page from outside of the admin panel. Please access this page through the menu above."
So I'm not able to access any of the previous data. Do you have any tips for me to rectify this?

Also I'm wondering, if I later decide to change the url of the website, how can I edit the following in Commentics?
Site Domain
Site URL
Commentics URL
Admin email address

For the referrer message, log in to your database (with phpMyAdmin or similar), open the 'settings' table and search the 'title' column for the text 'check_referrer'. Change that from 1 to 0.

It's been a while since I've used v2.5 but I believe the other things you mentioned can be edited in the admin panel on the 'Settings -> System' and 'Settings -> Administrator' pages.

Have you completed the interview?

OK thanks, just what I needed. It all works now. Just one thing is strange, when I hover over menu items in admin area, such as manage, layout, settings etc., the background changes to a 404 not found page. But when I click on menu items everything works fine now.

Try the suggestions in this thread:

Have you completed the interview?

yes - uploading blank.htm works for me too! Thanks Steven

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