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"Please check the errors below"

Keep getting the error in the title when trying to integrate iframe method. is the address, nothing shows on the error log on the backend. I opened the console on chrome but not sure any errors are relevant. I would be grateful for any insight, thanks!

It's not storing the answer to the image captcha in the session, so when it comes to validating it, there's nothing to validate and that's why it's saying "Please click to refresh the captcha" lower down on the page.

It indicates a general session issue which is difficult to figure out with it being on your website and possibly to do with how your server is configured. I'd try using the PHP integration method in case it's related to the iFrame, or you might want to see how it goes without using a captcha.

Have you completed the interview?

thanks i just replaced the captcha with a question as all the comments are moderated this should be good enough.

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