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Can't log in as administrator

I installed Commentics in 2017 and it worked properly but I haven't used it since then.  Now I have forgotten what web page to go to to log in as an administrator.  Can anyone refresh my memory?

It kind of depends what you named your commentics folder and what you named your admin folder within it.

It will be similar to ''.

You'll have to use an FTP application to check what the folders are called on your server.

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Thanks, I found it.
Now, to upgrade to current version, I need to know the version I have, but I can't find it.  It was June or July of 2017.  How can I find what version I have?

I found the version inside one of the files.  Version 3.1.  So does that mean I have to do 3 or 4 upgrades to bring it up to date, or is there a way I can do it all at once or start over?  I don't have any comments that I need to save, but there is a lot of set up details that I'd prefer not to have to re-do.

As you realised, you can find the version in the files but also in the admin area by going to 'Reports -> Version'.

Yes you'll have to upgrade it 4 times to bring it up to date. Once you've done the first one, the rest should be quick as the steps are identical, just different packages.

In the next version (still a while away), people will be able to upgrade to that from basically any version but until then it has to be done incrementally.

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I made it up to v 4.0.  Thanks!

(20-Jun-2020, 07:11 AM) Wrote:  I made it up to v 4.0.  Thanks!
Can you tell me the easiest way to change the font and/or layout on the page website visitors see?

Yeah do you want to start a new thread in the Customization part of the forum?

Also if you want to reply without quoting the previous post, just click the big, dark 'New Reply' button.

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