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Stuffed it all up :-) Wheres db/details.php?

What an idiot.  Wanting to upgrade 2.5 to 3.0 and loads of issues - presume my fault.
Used backup folder with commentics stuff in it but get error message "Sorry, there is a database problem.Please check back shortly. Thanks.

Go into admin and dialogue box states:

Sorry, there is a database details problem.

If you haven't yet installed the programme
  • You need to run the installer
If you have already installed the programme
  • Check that /db/details.php exists
Installer states already installed - which it is

With message Check that /db/details.php exists""  I can't find details.php in db folder.

Question 1:  What is in details.php so I can recreate.
Question 2:  Is it possible to install 3.2 and import the 2.5 database?  I have tried but lots of error messages.

Help really appreciated.


Hi Paul,

I've attached the details.php file. If you fill that in with your database connection details and upload then that should get everything working again.

I'm just at work at the minute so I'll reply to your second question a bit later today.

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.php details.php Size: 1.45 KB  Downloads: 18

Have you completed the interview?

Thanks Steven - most appreciated.
Yes, it worked.  My thanks.

Now my comments appear but seem to have no access to CSS styling - also buttons missing off add comments.
In admin area, Manage - I don't have access to subscribers and comments.  Pages appear.

Obviously I stuffed up more than I realised :-)


It looks like your database is partially/fully upgraded to v3.0.

When you rolled back to v2.5 did you import your v2.5 database backup? If not, that's what you should do.

Have you completed the interview?

Hi - thanks for reply.

Yes, I did import the backup.  I do see all the data in the front end (display not great and can't add anything - database permissions seem ok)
Backend - I can get in and see all pages/admins but comments and admins are empty.

I understand 3.0 was a fair change, would that be the reason?
If so, would installing 3.0 solve it?

Sorry to be such a pain.  My site audience is 60+ so they get stroppy with me if I change anything or things down  for a day or so.  Odd, as it is based in the 1960s :-)


Just thinking - I did many things which I didn't document.  The current issue is  I reinstated the old 2.5 folder and used same credentials so database was not a backup it was database previously used.

When I tried to reinstall 2.5 I kept getting message that a) could reinstall as already installed b) couldn't upgrade as current version was latest 2.5.

Is there something sat outside the commentics folder that has kept a record of the install?


Okay I'm not totally sure by what you've said if you reverted the database. If you did then there would be no need to run the installer and if you did try to run the installer then it would be correct for it to say that it's already installed and that you have the latest version. Reinstating your v2.5 folder and importing your v2.5 database would be all that's required. Just to clarify, when I say import, I mean when you go to phpMyAdmin and in the Import tab you upload your database file that you exported in the Export tab before attempting the upgrade. I'd be happy to take a look at what's happening. If you want, you can create a ticket with your FTP details, admin login details and database access.

Have you completed the interview?

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