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Stuck on database details

At the /install/ I am stuck on the database details: "There was a database connection error. No such file or directory (2002)."


I am trying to upgrade from v2.5. I downloaded Commentics-3.4. 

For Database Name: I have xxxx_Commentics. I've tried the server which looks like

I know the password is correct as I was successful opening the db in phpMyAdmin.

I've tried as Database Port.

I noticed the phpMyAdmin [/url]Server: :3306 »Database: xxxx_Commentics. Tried 3306 as Database Port, no luck.[url=]

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi Paul,

1. Try putting as the host rather than the port.

2. There's a specific procedure for upgrading from v2.5 to v3.4. See more info here.

Have you completed the interview?


Thank you for the very quick response.

>> 1. Try putting as the host rather than the port.
I misspoke (mistyped?) I tried I meant to say that I tried 3306 as the database port.

I had seen the specific procedure for upgrading v2.5 to v3.4 and was following that.

So basically I started over again by deleting the old commentics files, installing the v3.0 files and then proceeded according to the instructions. Still I get "There was a database connection error. Connection refused (2002)." when I get to "9. Run the upgrade" in the upgrade.html file. I'm assuming that is a mysql error?

Thank you again for your help.


OK, I was able to move on.

The solution: I entered "", or something along those lines, into the Port field.

Now I see "Mcrypt extension is loaded" is a Fail. Will get to work on that one.


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