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Integration with other scripts

Steven I'll aim this at you, but I would also like to hear if any other users have experience with other scripts.
And I appologise if this is a bit of mouthful, I have been trying commentics out locally and I'm still impressed, I had a few issues with the layout and CSS conflicts, but that is sorted, and I have had a rummage around in the database tables (I was one of those kids who when I got a new toy, I took it to pieces to see how it worked - long time ago), anyway my first question isn't really about how commentics works, it's how does commentics hold up when you start using things like website membership logins, forums, and e-commerce, is there a way to get these working together or do users have to have different logins for various parts of a site.
A question directly about commentics, are there settings to turn off the question and captcha after a given number of posts per user, or is it on/off per user, or on/off for the whole site.
PS I quite like this forum as well, which system have you used?

Hi lacaca,

Thanks for your question and I hope others will add their experiences.

It's worth pointing out that Commentics doesn't have a "login" as such. It only checks who the user is when they submit a comment, so before that action happens and they're simply just viewing the page it doesn't know who they are and therefore it doesn't have the ability to remove the question/captcha for certain users, so it's just an on/off setting for the whole site. Even after the user submits a comment it still doesn't know who they are; it's only during the comment submission process that it knows.

There's no reason why this can't be added though. The question would be how it remembers who the user is. At the moment I can think of two methods; using the "Remember my form inputs on this computer" cookie (but this would rely on them ticking it) or using their IP address.

Also I don't know if you've seen the FAQ in the Integration section about passing your site's login details to Commentics? That seems relevant here.

For the forum I use MyBB. I've used it on one site or another for the last 10 years and barely had an issue.

Have you completed the interview?

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