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Integration to CDN API

I started marking almost all my pages as cacheable so CDN can serve them faster. Of course, comments are dynamic.

I have API to clear pages from the CDN's cache. I would like to call that API after comments have been approved/deleted. Any suggestions, to where (which file) should I place my custom code to clear the page from the CDN cache?

Sure, so if you open /system/library/comment.php, you'll see these two methods ..


.. which are self-explanatory.

Then if you open /backend/model/manage/comments.php, you'll see the singleApprove() method. That method covers both single approving and bulk approving (when ticking the checkboxes on the 'Manage -> Comments' page).

If you think it's a good idea, I'll add a hook in the next version so people can add this kind of code to just one place that won't get overwritten when upgrading.

Have you completed the interview?

Thanks for the reply. I think a post-hook is a good idea. People may want to perform some additional tasks after the (public) content has changed so post-hook code in a single place would be perfect.


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