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Auto Pages (Outdated)

By the way I am re-writing the next version of Commentics so that automatic page creation is built-in.

For that reason I won't be developing this add-on any further but I will still provide support for it.

Have you completed the interview?


Thanks for providing this add-on. It looks like it's working great.

One suggestion I have though is the way it's handling URL's. I have it set for the parameters to ignore everything except for "ref". So when a page is created it's:

This is perfect. However, the URL that is created keeps all of the search query junk that user has at the moment. For example for this record it is:

Not a huge deal - but it would be really nice if we could set a option somewhere to also have the URL "cleaned" to keep only the parameters we want.


Thanks for this suggestion. I actually designed it like that on purpose. My reasoning was that the "search query junk" may be important in some way, for example it may control the page layout or the language of the text. So if the URL that the administrator clicks on were to only contain the "ref" parameter then there could be cases where the URL would not load the desired page properly. If that's not a problem to you then it's a very simple change in the code:

On line 106 there is a mysql_query. Simply change "$url2" to "$url".

Have you completed the interview?

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