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Problem with more comments / RESUBMIT & Captcha not work in Chrome


I don't know if it is the correct section for my problem. If not, please move it to the correct one.

I'm testing Commentics on my site and so I want to post more than one comment from my computer.

But always I type in a second one (with different text, name and eMail), I've got the error "The comment entered has already been submitted. Please submit a new comment.".

How can I post more than one comment from one pc without get this error? I've checked off all in the Flooding section but there's no effect.

Sorry for my bad english, but I'm German.

On second, I've seen that the captcha did not work in Google Chrome. The browser can't handle with a image captcha. Only the text captcha work. The problem is known by Goggle but not fixed yet.

Another question: Why is there only a language file for the frontend and no language support for the admin section?


The language translation for the admin panel will be supported in the next version of Commentics.

Regarding the browser Google Chrome, I can't replicate that problem on this website's demo. Actually I suspect that your site has an issue with sessions because not only does the image captcha make use of sessions but the resubmit prevention feature also, so you should look into that possibility first.

Have you completed the interview?

Sometimes I'm really nuts. [Image: smiley_emoticons_wallbash.gif]

I've forgot that there is a session and I must close it first to open a new one before I can post another comment. [Image: smiley_emoticons_doh.gif]

*goes into the corner and ashamed*

The script is really great!

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