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Difference between Pages and Sites?

Hello, can anybody tell me what is the difference between Pages and Sites? Based on the help in the admin panel, I don't understand it. It is not clear to me how to integrate a page with the unique identifier. I can add the identifier, thats clear. But which page in the admin panel does it refer to?
Best wishes

Hi Sascha,

Let's say you have two pages that you want to integrate with Commentics, Page A and Page B.

In your integration code for page A, you might for example set the unique identifier as 'pageA'. You can pick anything you like really. Then similar for Page B, set it as 'PageB'.

Then somebody submits a comment on Page A, the page will now appear in your admin area in Manage -> Pages and the identifier column will show 'pageA'. Page B won't appear yet because it doesn't have any comments.

In Manage -> Sites, it should have the website which Page A and Page B are on, let's say
If you installed Commentics on, it will already have added the website for you so there's nothing that you need to do in Manage -> Sites.
The only time you would need to do anything here is if you want to integrate another website, such as, then you would need to add it. The only integration method you would be able to use for would be the iFrame integration method. For you can choose either the PHP or iFrame integration methods.

Let me know if it still doesn't make sense.

Have you completed the interview?

Hello Steven, thank you for your explanation. Now i understand it.
Best wishes

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