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Who can instructions me how to run comment on domains different?

IĀ installed Commentics on web A and run ok, but i want run on web B or C... How to edit code?

PHP Code:
= 'none';
$cmtx_identifier = 'cmtx_url';
$cmtx_reference = 'B';
$cmtx_path = 'commentics/';
$cmtx_path . 'includes/commentics.php'; //don't edit this line

Hi, unfortunately this isn't currently possible and it's outside the scope of forum support. You'd have to do a separate installation on each site. I have added it to the roadmap to be looked at in the future.

Have you completed the interview?

Hi Steven,
I don't need separate installation on each site, only copy source on each site and need only 1 database, disbale Check Referr in System Security is ok.
My pageĀ general database: language Vietnam


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