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Moving to new host

I'm in the process of moving to a new host. I created a new database and imported my Commentics backup successfully. Now, however, when I attempt to login to my Admin Panel, I get the following error...

Sorry, there is a database connection error:2002: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known This error appears to be because your host is wrong.The following are steps to help fix it:(a) Open the file /db/details.php
(b) Check the value of $cmtx_mysql_host
© Does it match with your MySQL host?

I went to details.php and noted that the host is 'local host'. I went to the new host and asked what MySQL host should be. What they told me was the database host did not work either. I'm trying to figure what my SQL host should be. I have not been able to find it in phpMyAdmin. Do you have any suggestions?

I'm working with the new WebHost. I'll let you know if I have any other questions.

Normally localhost is one word so that might be it? You could also try ''. Anyway the error suggests you've put it in a URL (presumably of your database server) but it can't resolve the DNS. If your database server has a static IP address then try using that instead. That will skip the DNS lookup.

Have you completed the interview?

The MySQL host error has been resolved, but I now have a new issue. When attempting to enter the admin panel using the new web host (that has not yet gone live) it tells me that the password/username is incorrect. I have verified that the database password and username are correct, so it has to be the the Commentics admin login password and username.

I am am still able to access the admin panel with my current/old web host, but when I use the same login password and username with new web host, it says that they are incorrect. What might I need to do to resolve this situation?

It's possible your new server has a different hashing algorithm.

Have you tried using the 'Lost your details?' link?

Have you completed the interview?

When I try 'Lost your details?' it asks for my email address. It then says that it cannot find my email address.

Is it possible that it is not accepting my temporary url given to me by new host?

Steven, I finally was able to get it to take my email address (when I clicked on 'Lost your details?), and it changed my password. When I enter username with new password, I still get "incorrect username/password."

Here's the situation. When I go to the login page with my current server with username/password, and then change to temporary url, login info disappears. When I re-enter login, I'm told that the info is incorrect.

If I login to admin panel first, and then change to temp url, it takes me back to the login page.

It's normal that logging into the admin area on one server and changing the URL to the admin area of another server takes you to the login page. As to why it's saying it's incorrect, it's something which I would need to debug. If you send over your FTP details I'd be happy to take a look in the next day or two.

Have you completed the interview?

The problem seems to have been the temporary url. As soon as I went "live" with new host, and started using the original url, the Commentics forum worked just fine. This might be helpful to someone else with the same situation.

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