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Moving website to a new web host

I've just migrated a website and domain using Commentics to a new web host. Everything seems to be working properly except when I'm in the admin panel and hover over a menu with a drop down I get a 404 screen pop up. I'm still able to select the appropriate menu and carry on using it. Any ideas what is causing this?


Also what other config should I look out for when moving to a new host, such as url paths?


Typically only the settings on the 'Settings -> System' page would need updating.

If you press F12 on your keyboard to bring up your browser's DevTools, look in the Network tab for any lines in red. This should provide an idea of what it's failing to load.

Also, as you're using LiteSpeed, it might be worth trying another browser just to rule out any caching.

If you like you can PM me your admin panel details and I'll have a look as well.

Have you completed the interview?

Thanks for help.

I've discovered it's HTTPS related, the old host wasn't SSL but when I migrated to the new host it's setup with SSL, when I remove the certificate the problem goes away.

I've updated the system settings with HTTPS in the path but the problem is still there.

Here are my browser console logs when loading the admin page in SSL.


Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

Here is an additional picture showing the js function.

On line 101 of this file /commentics/comments/administration/menu/ddlevelsmenu.js

Try replacing:



Have you completed the interview?

Thanks that works.

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