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Moving Domains

Great comments script.

I am switching domains, and the website already has the script installed and integrated with comments existing. Are there going to be any problems with commentics when I do this? I plan to leave all of the directories the same, but I recall on the installation page it asked for the exact domain name.

There are just a few settings in the admin panel that you will need to update. These are:

'Comments URL' in Settings -> System
'From Email' and 'Reply Email' in Settings -> Email -> Editor -> *
'Link' and 'Image URL' in Settings -> RSS
'URL' of each page in Manage -> Pages

The one problem there may be is that the URL for the smiley images are hard-coded in the comments. This means that the comments on your new site will try to source them from your old site. If this is a problem, you could do a search-and-replace in phpMyAdmin to update the links. Let me know if you need this.

Have you completed the interview?

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