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I have the Script in minimal design implemented. When user post the first comment, a link appears where the user can upload a profile image.

If the user doesn't click to the link and want to upload an image later, how he can come to the users page again?

Thanks and greetings

Hi Toeb,

Does this FAQ help?

Basically the only other time that a user can access their user page is if they receive any type of email, a link to their user page will be inside the email just above the signature. I appreciate that some users will miss the opportunity but what I didn't want was for someone to be able to impersonate another user by posting as them and gaining access to change their avatar and modify their other settings. This would particularly be a problem if the email field is disabled because all someone would need to know is the user's name which is publicly visible. I suppose it could set a cookie when they first post and then it could show the link each time they post again (as long as the cookie is still there). If the user then saves their avatar, it could delete the cookie so it stops showing the link. What do you think? Do you have any other ideas or suggestions?

Have you completed the interview?

I now have a profile page on my login system page where users can upload a profile picture.
This image is saved in the avatar folder and the path and file name are saved in the Upload table and the id of the avatar is saved in the Users table.

It works so far. Do I have to pay attention to anything else?

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