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How do I change the destination emails when people comment?

I set up comments for a local company and they are requesting I send any notifications that comments/replies have been posted to a different email address, currently they go to mine as the site admin.

Can this be done?

This is what I want to happen, someone posts a comment, the notification goes to another email address and a CC to mine, or it stays going to mine and a CC to the other email address.

I think the best solution would be to create another admin with their email address. That's in 'Manage -> Admins'.

Then they can control exactly which types of emails they receive in 'Settings -> Administrator'.

Have you completed the interview?

Thanks for helping.

After a few tests, I found out that I can use the online web interface for my email provider to auto forward the email so that for the company's records, I have the originalĀ and they have the copy.

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