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Comment reply depth length cap?

I was wondering why the comment reply depth setting is capped to a maximum of 5, while the hint says "1 or higher". My site's layout would be able to fit at least a couple of levels above that, and commenters often complain that they can't reply anymore in a thread.
Is this a free version limit?

The reason is that the loop in the templates isn't as dynamic as it should be. It's hardcoded to go through the numbers 1 to 5, so I had to pick a maximum number and 5 seemed reasonable. I'll try to make this dynamic in the next version and if I can't then I'll increase it to 10. I'm aiming for the next version to be released next month.

There are no limits in the free version. In fact, there's only one "version" of Commentics. Everyone uses the same version, the only difference with a licence key is that it lets you turn off the 'Powered By' statement.

Have you completed the interview?

Oh, okay then, seems reasonable. I guess that "lifting" this restriction sounds like just changing a couple of numbers in the file where the loop happens and in the file that receives the new settings, yes?

I assume you're asking because you'd like help with applying it to your current version? I don't usually provide that level of support here on the forum though, especially with it not being a bug.

Have you completed the interview?

Well, not step by step, I'll probably be able to find the loop in question myself, just if this limit crops up anywhere else and would I break anything by manually changing the hardcoded value.

Here's the commit:

Have you completed the interview?

Thank you so much!

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