Can you tell us a bit about your website?

It's an online business directory and top list. Basically you come and submit your site and you get a lining code. The more traffic you send the higher you will be ranked in your category. I will use Commentics to give users a voice about their experiences with those businesses.

How did you discover the Commentics site?

Google search. I can't remember exactly what I used as a search term.

What made you choose the script over others?

It's free. It's free. It's free. It's free. It's free.

What advice would you give to fellow admins?

Please have patience with me, I'm sorry, I don't mean it.

How, if at all, did you customize the script?

Everything is just perfect. I'm very impressed with the software. I haven't changed anything with the code. All I've done is just to disabled some elements I didn't need

What would you like to see added or improved?

Not sure yet. I haven't seen anything that needs to be improved.

Have you ever needed to use the support site?

I'm a forum junkie. I try to figure things out myself (kinda) but in the mean time I ask questions in the forum.

Has Commentics helped your website so far?

Yes. I wanted to add comments and I found some awesome software to use. I'm super excited and happy.

Would you recommend Commentics to others?

Yes. I already have. The software I use for the directory also has a forum that I use there. I blew it up. :)

Do you have any final words to add?

42. According to the Great Computer "42" is the meaning of life.