Privacy Policy


Commentics [] handles your information both as a "Processor" and as a "Controller".

In summary this means that we have full responsibility for your personal data, and we take this very seriously.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please get in touch.

Last modified: 20th March, 2021

The information we collect when you visit our website


Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by websites so that they can remember bits of information about you.

Essential Cookies: We use some cookies that are necessary for core functionality of the website to work. For example if you login to our forum, it will use a cookie to remember that you're logged in. These will expire after either you log out of our forum or you close your browser. For cookies that are not essential, you will always be given the choice of consent.

Analytic Cookies: We use a third party service, Google Analytics™, to help us analyse the visits to our website. When you visit our website, you are given the choice to opt-in to this. In other words, if you don't opt-in, your visit will not be recorded. Two cookies are stored; one named '_gid' which expires after 24 hours and another, named '_ga', which expires after 2 years.

Server Logging

The server that our website is hosted on automatically records each visit to our website. Information recorded includes your IP address, the page that you visit and the date. This is typical for servers in order to automatically prevent and react to cyber attacks. Access to this information is strictly locked down.

The information we collect when you contact us

If you send us a message using our contact form, we collect your email address. This is so we're able to reply to your message. In general, unless there's a specific need, we will delete your message(s) no longer than one week after the conversation finishes.

The information we collect when you use our demo

Commentics is a commenting platform and as such collects a variety of information entered by its users. On our demo this may include your name, email address, website and location. This enhances the user experience and aims to increase engagement. Your email address is never shared with anyone.

The demo offers a number of ways to interact with it. This ranges from submitting a comment to liking and reporting a comment. In all cases, your IP address is stored. This is primarily to prevent you from repeating the action. For example it would distort the feature if a user were to like a comment multiple times.

Your IP address is never revealed to other users. In the admin area of the demo, your IP address is anonymized. It also uses an automated task system to delete IP addresses once they are deemed to serve their purpose; typically this is after one month since the action that recorded it.

The information we collect when you register on our forum

When you register on our forum, your username and email address are collected. Your username is collected to differentiate yourself from other users on the forum. Your email address is collected to verify your authenticity, reduce spam and to receive notifications of new posts should you subscribe to them.

The information we collect when you purchase a licence

We use PayPal™ to process your payment, meaning all of your sensitive data is handled by them. After you complete your payment, in addition to the transactional information, they provide us with your payer email address. This is used to verify that your transaction is genuine.

The information we collect when you submit an interview

When you submit the interview, all information entered will appear on our blog. The exception to this is the first field which asks for a page on your website where Commentics is installed. This is used to verify that Commentics is installed and integrated on your website. The interview information that is submitted to us is deleted once we have added it to our blog, which is typically a few days after receiving it.

How long we keep your information for

We keep your information for the minimum amount of time necessary. For instance:

  • When we receive a contact message we delete it one week after the conversation finishes.
  • When we receive an interview we delete it once it's on our blog.
  • Payment information received for our licencing system is kept for at least six years in order to comply with local laws.
  • In other cases, such as posting a demo comment or a forum post, these are stored permanently so that other users can read them in the future. You can request the removal of these by contacting us.

In rare situations we may be required to keep your data for longer, if for example a law has been broken.

How we secure your information

We take a number of steps to ensure your information is secure, such as:

  • Using SSL to encrypt all the data sent on our website
  • Restricting access to your information to the minimum extent necessary
  • Using a secure server to store your information
  • Verifying the identity of any individual who requests access to your information

How you control your information

We aim to give you the maximum amount of control over your data. Therefore please contact us should you wish to do any of the following:

  • Request access to your information
  • Request to correct your information
  • Request to delete your information

Changes to our Privacy Policy

When we make changes to our Privacy Policy we will update the 'Last Modified' date to reflect this. In cases where we make substantial changes, we will endeavor to communicate this to you using our range of channels such as our newsletter, blog and forum.