You can vote for features in the Client Area, as well as request new ones.

Avatar Upload Complete
5 votes

The user can upload their avatar rather than having to use Gravatar.

Extra Fields
3 votes

The admin can add extra fields to the form. Text fields, radio buttons, selects, checkboxes.

Edit Comment
2 votes

The user can edit their comment, for a limited time (for example 15 minutes).

Multiple Ratings
2 votes

The ability to rate multiple factors, like price, quality and value.

Reply Below Comment
2 votes

Show the form directly below the comment the user is replying to.

Multiple Instances
1 vote

The ability to load Commentics multiple times on the same page.

ReCaptcha v3
1 vote

ReCaptcha v3 meaning no interaction from the user is required.

1 vote

When writing a comment, instead of seeing BB Code, the user sees exactly how it will look.

Animated GIFs
0 votes

The user can choose from a selection of animated GIFs to add to their comment.

Instant Alerts
0 votes

The user sees an alert message if a new comment is posted while they're on the page.

Subscribe To All Pages
0 votes

The user can subscribe to all pages rather than having to subscribe to each page individually.

0 votes

The user can tag another user when posting a comment, to increase the likelihood of them being notified.