Commentics 4.0 is now available and introduces several new and important features.


An often requested feature, multisite lets you use Commentics on as many of your sites as you like. Previously this required you to install Commentics on each one. Now you can manage all of your sites from only one installation, sharing the same settings as each other. Integration is simple with just a couple of HTML elements to add to the page.


Commentics 4.0 adds database caching, helping to reduce the load on your site and increasing the speed of your page. On a page with 5 comments and 0 replies, caching reduces the number of database queries from 44 to 6! On a page with 3 comments and 10 replies, caching reduces the number of database queries from 92 to 6! Caching is intelligently refreshed and several methods are available including Memcached, Redis and file storage.

Online Viewers

This feature displays the number of active viewers currently on your page. Users find this information interesting and it may persuade them to post if they know that other users will see their comment. The refresh interval can be adjusted in the settings, along with where it shows on the page and whether it should be enabled.

What Else

Other things worth mentioning are PHP 7.3 compatibility, general performance improvements and a number of bug fixes.