v2.2 has been in development for some time. Here are a few features already complete.

Login Improvements

A few improvements have been made to the login page. The first being brute-force protection to stop someone (or something) from repeatedly guessing at your username and password. The script will enforce a timeout of 30 minutes after 3 failed attempts and a further 30 minutes for each failed attempt thereafter.

If the attacker is persistent and makes 10 attempts at a specific account then that account will be locked as a precaution. You can then take the appropriate action to stop the attacker from accessing the page again.

The password reset page has also been improved. There is now a limit to how many consecutive resets can be made per account. This is to stop someone from sending you a password reset email however many times they wish. The limit will be 5.

Restrict Pages

Elsewhere, a new feature being introduced is the ability to restrict the admin panel pages an administrator can view. This is useful if you want a moderator to approve your comments but you don’t want to allow them access to everything. To use this feature, you would go to the Edit Administrator page where you will see a 'Restrict Pages' checkbox.

If you click this, it will open up a user-friendly list of pages:

After configuring the list, when the administrator next logs in, they will see a limited menu:

And if they try to directly navigate to a restricted page, they will see this:

Quick Approve

If you are manually approving all comments then currently you need to edit each comment to approve it. Now, you can quickly click an Approve link on the Manage -> Comments page. Next to the Approve link is a link to send a notification email of the comment to your subscribers.

Multiple Answers

For the question captcha it is sometimes easier for the user if there are multiple answers. For example, they may type 14 instead of fourteen, or vice-versa. Now, you can separate multiple answers with the | (pipe) character.

Sort By

On the frontend the Sort By links have been changed to a drop-down. This is better because it takes up less space and lets the user focus on more important parts such as the comments.

There are many other improvements, mostly behind the scenes, which will make Commentics v2.2 an even better script.