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combine commentics with existing login system on own website

First let me say that your script is awesome. Thanks for your hard work and thank you for sharing this with the rest of us!

I would like to combine commentics with an existing login system, as an alternative to any other security measures already in place by commentics like captcha etc. I understand that I can supply confimed login details to Commentics and prefill form fields by adding something like this to the top of my integration code:

   $cmtx_set_name_value = 'user_name';
   $cmtx_set_email_value = 'bla';
   cmtx_setting('state_name') == 'hide';  --> where can I find "cmtx_settings()" ??!
I believe that starting from the following line (in "../apps/processor.php") the above code gets processed:

if (isset($cmtx_set_name_value) && !empty($cmtx_set_name_value) && cmtx_setting('state_name') != 'normal')
But where can I find cmtx_setting()? I don't want to change state_name, state_email and so on in the admin menu. I'd like to leave it to the user if he wants to login or use the captcha test etc.

Also, I modified "/includes/app/processesor.php" and renamed it. I get an 403 (Forbidden) when I try to access the new file. But when I put the renamed file in "/commentics/includes/" it works. Are there any folder restrictions or anything like this?

Thank you for your time!

Hi Joerg,

Sorry for the late reply. When it does cmtx_setting('state_name') it is retrieving the state_name setting from the 'settings' database table. It gets run through the cmtx_setting() function in /includes/functions/page.php. The value of cmtx_setting('state_name') will be the same as the value that you see in 'Layout -> Form -> States'.

Normally you wouldn't directly access anything in the /includes/ folder from your web browser. Those files are meant to be included by the system and not for viewing. As such, there's a .htaccess file in the /includes/ folder to restrict direct access. This propagates down to all sub-folders, including /app/. Also, just in case the .htaccess doesn't work, inside those folders are index.html files which give the impression that it's a 403 even though it's not.

Have you completed the interview?

Hi Steven,

Thank's for getting back to me. I can imagine that answering all those questions from all those people must be quite a task. On top of that, I am sure you need to take care of other things as well. Your answer is much appreciated. 

I finally found "function cmtx_setting($title) { //gets a setting..". I missed it all the times I looked through "../page.php". I'll try and see how far I get. 
If I get stuck and need to ask again I hope you can spare some of your time again.

Thank you.

Hi all, new to Commentics
Anyway it looks what I need.
Before I dig too deep, can anyone confirm that, if my user is logged in properly on my website I can use the same credentials for Commentics or make Commentics know user is properly logged in and is a specific one?
Apologies for the quesiton but login integration is the key requirement of my users and I'd like to be 100% sure upfront.
PS: Even better would be to be able pass the login credentials ALSO from Commentics to actual login system but this is not strictly needed.

Yes, you can provide your website's login credentials to Commentics.

For example you might have:

PHP Code:
= $website_login_name;
$cmtx_email = $website_login_email;

$cmtx_identifier = '1';
$cmtx_reference  = 'Page One';
$cmtx_folder     = '/upload/';
$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . $cmtx_folder . 'frontend/index.php');

In the admin area you can then go to 'Settings -> Layout -> Form', edit the 'Name' field and change the 'Filled (Login)' setting depending on how you want the field to behave when login info is supplied to it.

More info:

Have you completed the interview?

Thank you!

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