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Comments aren't showing / commentics not loading after comments are made


I've tried to troubleshoot this problem myself before coming here.
I'm using apache2, PHP 7.4, with an Amazon RDS Database.

Commentics loads fast and with no issues when I first visit the page that I have it on.
When I go to post a comment, it says "comment posted" yet no comment loads.
I refresh the page, and the page now takes upwards of one minute to load, and now the commentics form doesn't load at all.
Depending on what browser I use, sometimes I'll see the little loading circle where commentics should be, but alas it never loads.

Now if I go into the admin panel and delete the comment I just posted and refresh the webpage, commentics loads right back up with no issues.

It seems like something is going wrong when comments are submitted because with no comments the form loads fast and fine.
It isn't until I delete the comment from the admin panel will the form load back up on the page.
I've checked both the DB (comment submissions are going into their appropriate columns) and my apache logs and I'm not seeing any discernable errors involving the DB, Apache, or PHP.
I've also messed with commentics permissions, the cache, browsed this forum etc, but haven't made any progress on fixing this. 
Additionally, I've tried with a page that just has the form to see if something else was interfering, yet that doesn't solve the issue.

Please let me know if you have any ideas why this might be happening / how to remedy it, or what information I can send you to help take a closer look.
I'd really love to get commentics working on my site and determined to get it working.


Ignore this, created a new DB from scratch and all is working!

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