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commentics and https - warning, mixed content


I'm in the process of rewriting all code on my site (all secure https pages) so no warnings will show in FF or Chrome.  All pages work, except for my comments page.  At first I thought the culprit was the avatar image hosted by, but even after I changed it and hosted the image securely on my site, I still get mixed content pointing to  I did not find a place where I could change/edit that.  Any ideas would be very much appreciated.


Hi Sascha,

What version of Commentics are you using and can you provide a link to your page?

Have you completed the interview?

Hi Steven,

I am using version 3.0 and here is the link to my site:

Thanks for your help,

Hi Sascha,

It looks like an earlier version than 3.0. You can confirm by going to 'Reports -> Version'.

If that's the case, you'll need to change the 'http://' in this file:


And change the '' in this file:


Have you completed the interview?

You're right, it is version 2.9.

However, I had done a full search for "" before posting here and it was not found in any of the php files.  There are references to etc., but there is no gravatar anywhere.  Just double-checked again. 

Thank you,

There isn't a version 2.9?

It's definitely in the files. If you want, PM me your FTP details and I'll change it.

Have you completed the interview?

Sorry for my late reply, but server went down last couple of days...

You're right, it's version 2.5.

I found the reference to in the comments.php and changed that, but I double-checked the head.php file again, and still cannot find anything named in there... I have attached the head.php file here.

Thanks again for your help,

Forgot to attach the file...

Attached Files
.php head.php Size: 2.9 KB  Downloads: 14

If you look back again at my previous instructions, I only said to change 'http://' in that file.

Have you completed the interview?

Thank you again for all your help!


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