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Backend Integration into Existing Login System. Any Help?

Good work guys, I am looking for way to auto login admins into Commentics backend rather than forcing them to login again. Is there any thread related to this or any idea on how can be easily implemented?

Your assistance will be appreciated.

This hasn't been done before but it's possible and the difficulty would depend on your understanding of Commentics and how you'd want it to work, for example whether you'd want your admins to login to the same Commentics admin account or not, and how Commentics would authenticate them.

Have you completed the interview?

Thanks for your time to place reply on this thread. Basically I want Commentics to check if Admin has looged-in; if YES then skip the normal login process and move directly toAdmin Dashboard. Just that.

Okay, so to be clear, you want your admins to login to the same Commentics admin account from 'Manage -> Admins'?

How would Commentics know they're authenticated? For example will they have a particular session variable set?

Have you completed the interview?

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