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my two cents on the latest upgrade

First and foremost, Thanks a lot, Steven, for the ongoing work and improvements!

I've applied your 33->34 upgrade following your instructions.

Minor issues with my upgrade.

1. The country now is allowed to be selected only for English. Thanks for the country localization feature, but, it would've been nice to either default it to ENG if other options in the "countries" table are missing OR populate the table with English names for some languages.
When I figured it out I've just started populating the list for three other languages I have on my site manually, via the Admin panel.

BTW - how come in the Admin panel there are no links to manage/questions or manage/countries?
When I finish the DB population I might post the SQL here in case someone needs it.

2. It seems that instead of "confidentiality" and "conditions" policies there is now an empty box with no message in it.
I am trying to attach a snapshot to demonstrate this issue.
I can't figure out where and what should I fix. Please, advise?


I found out what is wrong with the policies modal windows.
The English forms work fine, the upgrade took care of them.
To fix other languages, open the file: frontend/view/default/language/[your language]/main/form.php.
Find this var:
and then split it in two:

Looks like it does the trick.

It seems like there is now the whole new section called "Modal".
Steven, is this the only change we should be taking care of for localized modules?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your feedback.

I'm currently in the process of updating the French, German & Polish languages to v3.4.

These are all of the changes required for the German language, so you might find this useful (a lot of the changes are removing the full stop from the end of messages so you can ignore those).

In 'Extensions -> Languages' whenever you switch to a non-English language (and click save) it should already loop through every English country, check to make sure it's translated into the non-English language and insert it if it isn't. That's what this code does. Is that not working for you?

The reason I didn't add menu items for 'Manage -> Countries' and 'Manage -> Questions' was because I didn't want to "flood" the menu with pages that aren't frequently used if that makes sense? I'm happy to add them in the next version if you think it's better.

Have you completed the interview?

If you submit your language(s) to me I'll make sure it's updated when the next version is released (probably a year or so away so no rush).

Have you completed the interview?

Thanks a lot, Steven! I will check your info and make changes to my installation.
The only language I can really submit is Russian)) It's not 100% complete yet. Will do it in about the same time.))

So, is there anything you didn`t change in the german language filesSmile
My wife as a translator says, if there is a full sentence, it needs a full stop:p grammar is everything, but up to you.
I`m already collecting some things there which need an update, i know....
Too busy atm. we will talk about it later.

The question for the moment is: how do I get the modal for terms and privacy to work again after the update?

Hi Chris,

Sorry I tried my best to keep the changes to a minimum  Smile

Well normally I'd agree but if it's a very short message without a comma then I think it looks cleaner with no full stop  Smile

By the way can I add you as the official translator for the German language? I'm thinking of adding a 'Team' page for the website and an official translator section would be really useful so we know who translated which language.

About the modal, did you update your German language to the 3.4 version?

Have you completed the interview?

hehe, was just shocked at first sight and felt shame, that I`ve made so many "mistakes"
You are right in this case I guess. The translations were mostly made by my (grammar obsessed) wife, I just put them in the right places between the code.

Of course, im pleased to. Takes away the shame a bitSmile
btw. some updates to the translations I`ll better pm you later. (no more mistakes allowed for me :p)

Yes works now, I made the language update in the afternoon, but my chrome is obstinate atm. It takes the cached version even  on hard reloadSad

to the new version:
looks great as far as I could hush through today.
The improved layout/design of the avatars was already praised.
"One click upgrade" yeah!
Rich snippets work perfectlySmile
to be continued...

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