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Captcha problem

I have searched the forum and faq's for an answer for this with no success. I cannot get the captcha to work in any browser I have tried. I would prefer to disable it if it doesn't work. How do I do that? I assumed I could find that out but after scouring the admin and the forum I still can't find an answer.
Has anyone else had this ridiculous problem?
If someone could just point me at the answers I would be grateful.


It would be useful to know in what way it doesn't work.

It may be a problem with your session. Make sure that you have the following at the top of your page:
PHP Code:

Also check that you have cookies and JavaScript enabled in your browser.

If the image isn't displaying then it's probably due to your server not having the GD Library.

If you still can't get it to work, you may want to try the ReCaptcha add-on instead. It tends to work.

As a last resort you could disable it. This page shows you exactly how to disable features.

Have you completed the interview?

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