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Problem with Admin detection

First - thanks so much for this great script. Very well done!

This is my first experience with a comment script. I assumed that Admin detection meant that when I (admin) enter a comment the script should set the default values that have been set up, etc. Is this correct?

Instead, the script tells me that the email entered is reserved.

Admin detection is enabled for both IP and cookie. Am I overlooking something?



Another question, while I'm at it. Smile

When I click the Captcha sound button I get a file download dialog. If I then click OPEN the .wav file plays in Media Player. Is this the intended behavior?

Hello glassreef, and welcome to the forum!

For the admin detection, you forgot to click on the "add cookie" button, which adds the cookie to your computer. This obviously requires cookies to be enabled.

For the second question, It is supposed to be like that. Unless you set the browser to somehow play it automatically, that's how it works. The browser choice could have something to do with it too.

Hope that helps Smile

I'm giving you three guesses...

Thanks, Static! Your reply is much appreciated.

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