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upgrade 1.2 to 2.5 issues

Well, I went pass to MSQLi issue
Now 2.5 is installed
I did all the changes to integrate the script, the comment form did show at right place, but no previews comments was showing !!
I think I was installing random page plugin.

Another issue: I already have a flood of fake page, around 24000 pages while I have only about 30 pages !!
Even smilies have thier own pages plus endless pages like this:

Any help please

No previous comments is showing
With 1.2, I was using the following integration code

$page_id = "".$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
$page_id = preg_split('/\?/', $page_id, 0, PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY); $page_id = $page_id[0];
$path_to_comments_folder = "commentics/comments/";
define ('IN_COMMENTICS', 'true'); //no need to edit this line
require $path_to_comments_folder . "includes/commentics.php"; //no need to edit this line

Hi Chafik,

To be honest, as your previous version (v1.2) was so far behind (nearly 4 years), you would be better off installing a fresh version of v2.5, importing the database from v1.2 (if you still have it), and running the upgrade part of the installer. This way all of the files will be in the correct places.

If you don't want to do that and you instead want to try to fix this then start with the FAQ below. The page has PHP errors but your website isn't displaying them. To fix the issues you need to see those errors:

Regarding the number of pages, I don't recommend using a dynamic method like that, especially if you only have 30 pages. Just use something fixed. I had a look at your website and this would be a good choice:

PHP Code:
$cmtx_identifier 'cmtx_filename'

Have you completed the interview?

Ok I am willing to to a clean install then import old db
So please correct me if I am wrong, I have to:
1-upload 2.5 files
2-delete old tables
3-do a fresh install
4- import old db. But how can import the old db ? via phpmyadmin?
5-lunch install again and choosing upgrade

About pages
In fact I have 130 pages !! instead of 30
Sorry for the wrong infos..

1. Create a new folder in the root of your server and call it something like 'comments'.
2. In the new folder, upload Commentics v2.5. (Don't install it).
3. Create a new database and call it something like 'comments'.
4. Import your v1.2 database using phpMyAdmin into the database 'comments'.
5. Run the upgrade part of the Installer (make sure to enter the 'comments' database information).
6. You may need to go to Settings -> System and correct the 'Commentics URL' setting.
7. In Manage -> Pages, if the indentifier column is blank, you'll need to edit the pages and enter the identifier (the value should be the same as the $page_id value was in your v1.2 integration code).
8. In Manage -> Pages click the Options link at the top right and select the "Don't create the page until the user posts" checkbox. This should stop lots of extra pages being created.

I've tested the above so it does work.

Have you completed the interview?

I will give it a try

I am trying to do this.

To run the upgrade part of the installer, do you just run the installer or do you have to do something different?

Are points 6-8 part of the installer?


Hi Jennie,

You run the installer, like you did when you installed it, but when it gets to the Menu page you select the Upgrade option.

No, points 6-8 are in the admin panel.

Have you completed the interview?

Hi Steven

Thank you for the reply. I have copied the site to a different server to test the upgrade and all seemed to work OK

But in the admin I can't access any of the menus, I get the following message:

The referrer has external origin.
You have arrived at this page from outside of the admin panel.
Please access this page through the menu above.

I'm guessing I need to change a path somewhere, but can't find a likely file. I am unable to find the file that specifies the database details either.

I should have perhaps said that I'm upgrading from 1.6, I don't know if that makes any difference

Thank you for your help

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