Help - Themes

Where can I find a theme?

Log in to the Client Area to download a theme. If you have any suggestions for one, please post in the forum and include any designs, screenshots or links that would help to visualise it. Please add as much information as possible to ensure you receive the type of theme that you would like.

What are the theme settings?

Optimize: With this setting disabled, Commentics will load its various JavaScript and CSS files separately, resulting in more requests to your server. Also the content of the files will be unminified meaning the content is larger in size. When enabled, all of the JavaScript is moved into one file and all of the CSS is moved into one file, and the content of these two files is minified. This is a good setting to leave enabled for improved performance and loading time.

jQuery: Commentics uses jQuery for all of its core features so it's a requirement for it to work. For example you wouldn't even be able to submit a comment without it. If your page loads jQuery already, you can select 'No, I load it myself'. Otherwise choose from 'Local', 'CDN - Google' or 'CDN - jQuery'. All 3 of those options will load jQuery. Select local if you want to load it from your own server or you can select one of the CDN options if you find that they provide better performance (they'll likely serve jQuery from a server closer to the user than your server, and they may be able to serve a cached version of it as well).