Help - Dashboard

Version Check

The version check is a feature which retrieves the latest version from the website and compares it with your own. If a newer version is available you should see a link allowing you to use the one-click upgrade feature. These are some of the messages that you may see:

  • You are using the latest version: You are using the latest version of Commentics. There is nothing that you need to do.
  • A newer version is available: A newer version of Commentics is available. Click the Upgrade link if available, otherwise review the documentation to upgrade manually.
  • Your server is unable to check: Your server has neither cURL nor fopen(URL). Contact your host to install/enable one of these.
  • There is an issue with This could be because the website is temporarily down. Please try again later. If it persists please get in touch.

Quick Links

This section displays links to the pages you visit the most, allowing you to quickly visit them again. After installing Commentics it shows "Not enough data" but once you start exploring your admin area it will gradually build up enough data to use. It uses the same data as seen in the 'Reports -> Access' report.


Disabled by default, this feature displays a chart showing you how many comments and subscriptions you've received over the current year. This can be useful when analysing the number of visitors to your site and the key events that encourage them to interact. To enable, go to 'Extensions -> Modules'.

Administrator Notes

These notes are for administrators wanting to record any information that they or other adminstrators might want to see at some point in the future.