Help - Manage Admins

What is the super admin?

The super admin has extended privileges over normal admins:

  • The super admin can create an admin
  • The super admin can edit other admins
  • The super admin can disable, restrict and delete other admins
  • The super admin can't be disabled, restricted or deleted
  • Only the super admin is notified of a new Commentics version by email

There can only be one super admin. The super admin can transfer their role to another admin.

What are page restrictions?

When adding or editing an admin you can specify page restrictions. This is useful if you have an administrator whom you don't want to be able to access everything. For example you might want them to only be able to moderate comments and not be able to change any of your settings.

To do this, simply tick the 'Restrict Pages' setting. You'll then see a full list of all the admin pages. Tick the left checkbox if you only want the admin to be able to view the page. Tick both checkboxes if you want the admin to be able to modify the page. By "modify", this means some type of action such as saving, editing and deleting. The checkboxes with orange text represent the menu categories so tick these where relevant to allow menu access.

How do I post as the administrator?