Help - Task: Delete Subscriptions

About the Task System

The 'Task System' is a feature of Commentics which is able to automatically run scheduled tasks. This allows the script to perform important functions, such as removing old data, which keeps the database efficient and small. The Task System is automatically executed once a day, triggered by your website's visitors.

About this Task

This task deletes subscriptions where the user has not clicked the confirmation link in their email. In this case it is possible that the user entered a false email address, or simply changed their mind. Storing the unconfirmed subscription for a while is useful because it prevents the user from repeatedly requesting confirmation emails to the same email address (which may not belong to them). The worst consequence of executing this task is that the user may eventually click on the expired confirmation link in their email and the script will not recognise the link. However once a subscription is deleted the user can request another confirmation email.