iFrame vs PHP

There are two types of integration that you can choose from - these are an iFrame integration and a PHP integration. Below is a comparison to help you choose which type of integration method is right for you.


Are you integrating Commentics on the same domain that you installed it on?

Yes: You can use either integration method
No: You must use the iFrame integration


Normally the easiest type of integration is the iFrame method, requiring only HTML tags to be added to the page.


You're likely to get better SEO results with the PHP method, as you're including Commentics directly into your page like the rest of your content. With the iFrame method, you're loading Commentics from a different domain.


With the PHP method, Commentics will be influenced by your website's own CSS stylesheet. For example the font color and size will match the rest of your page. With the iFrame method your website's stylesheet will have no effect.