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Always "Please review the errors below" when click add comment

Dear all,

I have successfully installed commentics and added to my site using iframe method.

I removed verification and from control panel. Now only comment and name are the essential fields. when I click add comment "Please review the errors below" message coming though i have entered all necessary information.

You help is greatly appreciated to get this problem solved.

Hi would you be able to provide a link to your page so I can figure out what's happening. You can PM me it if you prefer.

Have you completed the interview?

Information Sent. Thank you!

Hi keerthi,

I logged in successfully but when I visit your second link I see a "Quiz ended" error message.

Also, I tried to reply to your PM but you've disabled incoming private messages.

Have you completed the interview?

I enabled private messages and sent you a private message explaining to avoid quiz ended message.

I just checked and I haven't received any private messages from you since 11th.

Have you completed the interview?

May be I have done something wrong in sending the message.

I commented a part of code of form.php and now system is working

PHP Code:
// Form validation
            /*  if ($json && (isset($json['result']['error']) || isset($json['error'])))
                if (isset($json['result']['error'])) {
                    $json['error'] = '';
                } else {
                    $json['result']['error'] = $this->data['lang_error_review'];
            } else { */

The line executed is 
PHP Code:
['result']['error'] = $this->data['lang_error_review'];

What could be the issue?

The method I added the code is iframe method. My site is bootstrap css-based. Some fonts of the form doesn't follow the parent site fonts. What are the adjustments should I do?
[Image: screeshot.png]

Text such as Add Comment use a font type which are primary.

Thanks a lot.

(14-Apr-2020, 10:25 PM)keerthi Wrote:  I commented a part of code of form.php and now system is working

But you've disabled all form validation, including security checks.

(14-Apr-2020, 10:25 PM)keerthi Wrote:  What could be the issue?

I'd need to see the page to figure out what's happening.

Have you completed the interview?


Thanks for the details.

If you go to Settings -> Layout -> Form, is the Question enabled?

Maybe you've removed the question from the template but you didn't disable it in the admin area.

Have you completed the interview?

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