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AJAX Commentics


I have your comment script integrated within another CMS. All the pages are dynamic, and the CMS does form validation that removes all non-CMS related GET and POST vars. The net effect of this, is essentially, the script doesn't work as-is unless I turn off those security measures.

One of the solutions is posting this data via AJAX. I've read a lot of topics on your site about this, and I saw at one point that there was going to be a focus on developing an AJAX version of Commentics. I was just wondering if this was still in process, or if there were any beta versions of the script with some AJAX functionality that I could try to implement.

Great job on the script btw!

Gene M.
Apex Technology

Hi Gene,

I can confirm that the next version, Commentics v3, will use Ajax. Commentics v3 is a complete re-write of the code with additional features so it's taking time to develop but should be ready for production release by the end of the year.

In the meantime, for your CMS I imagine there might be a way to add extra GET and POST variables to the list that it excludes?

Have you completed the interview?

Well, yes and no.  We use a closed source CMS, so they would charge us for such changes, and I'm just working around it for now and i'll wait for the Commentics v3.  In the meantime, I'm most likely going to try to incorporate the script via iFrame, or something else...

My question to you is, if I were to use Commentics v2.5 for the year, when Commentics v3 comes out what kind of disruptions could I expect if I upgraded?

Thanks for your quick reply Smile

Gene M.
Apex Technology

The upgrade from v2.5 to v3 won't be disruptive. It will just be a case of deleting all of the v2.5 files, uploading all of the v3 files, and running the database upgrade tool. I'd expect it could be done within an hour. Obviously if you make a lot of customisations to the stylesheet and code then it will take longer in order to port those custom changes across.

Have you completed the interview?

Ok cool, usually how I do CSS changes is just layer another custom CSS File on top of yours with the same selector names, so as long as you guys don't plan on changing the naming of these things that shouldn't be an issue either.

Thanks for your feedback, i'll patiently await v3!

Gene M.
Apex Technology

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