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upgrading from 2.2 to 2.5

I have been using  commentics 2.2 on my website for nearly three years now.  Till now, there weren't any issues. Now my host site has upgarded to php 5.5. My comments page has stopped showing any comments after that. If i upgrade to commentics 2.5, will that help? Thanks

Yes, PHP 5.5 deprecates a number of features such as the MySQL extension, so upgrading to Commentics v2.5 will fix that.

Have you completed the interview?

Thanks a lot. Can i upgrade from 2.2 to 2.5 directly?

These are the steps that you need to follow. There are quite a number of steps because v2.2 is a few years old. It would be best to practice this on a staging site first.

1. Download version 2.5.
2. Put the script in maintenance mode (Settings -> Maintenance).
3. Back up your database (Tools -> Database Backup) and your files.
4. In the v2.5 download, do the following:
- rename the /upload/ folder to match your /comments/ folder.
- rename the admin folder /upload/admin/ to match your admin folder.
- delete all the text files in /upload/includes/words/
5. On your server delete the folder /upload/includes/emails/
6. On your server delete the file /upload/includes/db/details.php
7. Upload the /upload/ folder onto your existing /comments/ folder to overwrite everything.
8. Run the upgrade
9. Log in to your admin panel and make sure everything is working.
10. Add your email signature in Settings -> Email -> Setup.
11. Take the script out of maintenance mode (Settings -> Maintenance).
12. In the pages where Commentics is integrated, do the following:
- remove the line: ob_start();
- remove the line: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="comments/css/stylesheet.css"/>
- remove the line: define('IN_COMMENTICS', 'true'); //no need to edit this line

Have you completed the interview?

Thanks a lot . I will try and let you know.

I'm on step 8. When i press start on the commentics installer page, it says access denied. I am not able to login to my admin commentics account. Please help.

The above problem is solved. When i try to run the installer: i'm getting this error---

Sorry, there is a database connection error:
2005: Unknown MySQL server host 'hostpapa' (2)

I know, i put the wrong local host. What should i put there? Please help.

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