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how does upgrading work?

Hi. I need to upgrade my commentics setup (from 3.1), but I am a bit confused about how this works. If we do an upgrade is it the case that ALL the files are replaced by the new version and the settings then only come from tables in the database? If this is the case why is it necessary to go through multiple upgrade steps rather than direct to the latest upgrade? Or am I missing something? It is good having clear simple instructions on the basic path to follow but it would also be useful to have an explanation of how things work! This is not meant to be a whinge - the module is really useful and much appreciated (and I have done the survey). 
Jeremy Young (

Hi Jeremy,

You raise a good point which is why in the next version basically any version will be able to upgrade to it. Until then it's incremental upgrades only. On average a new version is released just once a year so I'd like it if people didn't have to skip versions anyway as this provides plenty of time to do it. I'm currently writing an FAQ section for upgrades to cover questions like this because I appreciate there's a lack of information on my behalf.

Have you completed the interview?

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