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Comments Not Showing

In trying to figure out what identifier to use to make the comments specific to an article, I must have messed up something because now the comments are not displayed no matter what article I am looking at.  The comments have been posted to the comments table but not displaying.  Where should I look to fix that issue.

UPDATE: Never mind, it does show once the comment has been approved. Did not realize that approval of comment is needed and will have to find out where that setting is. The bigger problem is that the last comment posted is the one that is being displayed no matter what article I look at. I'm still looking for the right identifier to use.

Hi please see your other thread about what identifier to use.

Regarding approval, the settings are in 'Settings -> Approval'. More detailed settings are in 'Settings -> Processor'. If you edit the comment, it will say in the 'Notes' field why it needed approval.

Did you follow the Checklist on the admin area dashboard after you installed Commentics? That guides you through a lot of the common settings like approval and how to disable the form fields.

Have you completed the interview?

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