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upgrade 1.2 to 2.5 issues

Hi Jennie,

In /upload/admin/index.php, temporarily remove the following code:

PHP Code:
/* Check Referrer */
if (cmtx_setting('check_referrer')) {
    if (isset(
$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'])) { //if referrer available
$referrer cmtx_url_decode($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']); //get referrer
$domain cmtx_url_decode(cmtx_setting('site_domain')); //get domain
if (!stristr($referrer$domain)) { //if referrer does not contain domain
            <span class='negative'>The referrer has external origin.</span>
            <p />
            You have arrived at this page from outside of the admin panel.
            <p />
            Please access this page through the menu above.

Then go to Settings -> System and update the 'Site Domain' setting.

Have you completed the interview?

Hi Steven

Admin seems fine now but I have Access Denied in the front end.

I've updated the settings in manage pages as well



I've run the installer on the live server now and still having access denied problem

The installer failed to connect to the database originally and I had to change the hostname. I couldn't get back to try again so I used the browser back button and the next time it bypassed the database settings so I'm not sure if it used the correct db in the end!

The url is:

The orginal one still working

Thanks, sorry to be a trouble

I've made some progress, I realised the integration is now completely different and once I'd updated that, the form is now in place and working but the comments aren't there. It's showing 0 comments

They are showing in the admin ... ?

Hello again

I found the answer in another post, so in short my problems were due to:

1. Needing to update the integration code on the web page where I needed it to display.
2. The comments weren't showing as they were set to show on the old page, so I needed to edit each comment and select the correct page for it to show on

So I think I'm sorted now. Thanks for all your help

Best regards

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